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About Us


A holistic approach to fitness and wellness.

MIXX is a Pilates and fitness studio with a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. Supported by science and years of experience and exploration we designed the ultimate program for the busy lifestyle of the Silicon Valley community

So no more multiple unused and expensive memberships at trendy new gyms and studios, we provide you all you need in one exclusive boutique studio.

Spinning Class

Our workout include MIXX of exercise method to maximize your results:

Burn fat and speed up your metabolism by riding on our state of the art spin bike with personal instructions specify to your own goal and level at your own wide touch screen.

Once you finish your ride our experienced and certified instructor will guide you through your Pilates workout using the newest reformers in the market and help you tone up, get stronger, leaner and more flexible using the TRX system, exercise balls, free weights and so much more!

For us it's not just about doing and moving...

It is about HOW and WHY?


we study, develop and plan the ultimate program that will make you look and feel better, supporting your individual needs and goals whether you are recovering from an injury or training for your next marathon.


working in small groups of four allows us to ensure you perform the exercises correctly.


Nellie Brooks the founder of MIXX

Nellie earned her Master of Arts degree in exercise and sport science with a specialization in clinical exercise from the University of Sydney. During her 14-year career, Nellie specialized in developing and providing Pilates programs for special populations such as patients with chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, hip and knee replacement and more. Nellie’s professional history includes being the Pilates department manager at Fitness and Wellness services, NJ, for 6 years and having her own Pilates studio in Sydney, Australia.

A note from Nellie:

I created MIXX after years of exploring, studying and teaching different training and exercise methods.

As a mom of two , with my own career ambitions and a wife to a super busy husband I always tried to find the complete program that provides my (changing) body and my (busy) mind the best while fitting into my schedule, life priorities and also into my budget. Workout by workout, through struggle and success I created the MIXX concept. 

I am so happy I now get to share MIXX with you! It  is a revounturey method but yet simple and focused in YOU! 

See you at the studio!


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