Your Holistic MIXX of Pilates and Fitness.



All your favorite fitness programs in one single studio.

MIXX offers you  an exclusive program with certified instructors to keep you engaged, mind and body, and guide you through Pilates, weight training, TRX, spin cycle, and much more.

At MIXX, you’ll work out in small groups of four so we can ensure you get the personalized attention you need. Together, we’ll develop the ultimate program to make you look and feel amazing. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or training for your next marathon, MIXX has the right program for you.

              Your Fitness, and      a         imize Your Results

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Burn fat and speed up your metabolism by riding our state-of-the-art spin bikes with modern touch screen interfaces alongside the encouraging direction of our instructors.

Once you finish your ride, your instructor will guide you through your Pilates workout utilizing the newest reformers on the market.


We’ll help you tone up, build strength, and get leaner and more flexible through a MIXX of TRX, exercise balls, free weights and so much more! 


Getting Started


Group Sessions Path

Our signature MIXX classes are taught in groups of four. Small groups allow us to focus on your specific goal while you motivate and are motivated by the community! Our instructors will lead you and your group through a 50-minute class to learn, strengthen and mobilize your body.

Private Sessions Path

Together, we’ll design your private session to meet your specific goals. Each private session series begins with a postural assessment so we can craft a complete fitness and Pilates program just for you, so you can rise above your challenges and get results faster.