About Us


Nellie Brook

The founder of MIXX

After earning her Master of Arts degree in exercise and sport science from the University of Sydney, Nellie spent 14 years developing and providing Pilates programs for people with specific medical requirements such as patients with chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, hip and knee replacement and more. Nellie spent 6 years as the Pilates department manager at Fitness and Wellness services in New Jersey, and has operated her own Pilates studio in Sydney, Australia. Now she’s bringing her years of experience and care to California, to help you achieve your own goals.

A note from Nellie:

I created MIXX after years of exploring, studying and teaching different training and exercise methods.

As a mom of two and a wife to a super busy husband with my own career ambitions, I always tried to find the complete program that best fits my (changing) body and my (busy) mind, as well as my schedule, life priorities and most importantly... my budget. Workout by workout, through struggles and success, I created the MIXX concept. 

I am so happy I now get to share MIXX with you! It’s a revolutionary method, yet simple and focused on helping you reach your own goals for mind and body.

See you at the studio!