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Group Classes

The Mixx method is based on the Pilates principles of control, centering, precision and flow.
To get you noticeable results in less time, we MIXX this amazing Pilates method with contemporary exercise techniques, and include a variety of apparatus to keep you challenged, continuously engaged, and having fun. 

All of our classes are challenging, yet suitable for everyone. With small groups of five, participants enjoy a fun workout atmosphere while still receiving personalized attention to help them meet their needs and goals.

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View the classes we offer on our schedule or contact us directly with inquiries.

Private Sessions

One on One Sessions Designed With You in Mind.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to resolve a nagging pain, or want to improve your athletic performance, MIXX Pilates’ private sessions will help you align your body, activate appropriate muscles groups, and accelerate your success with clinically-proven Pilates principles.


Take a dedicated one-on-one session with a customized program designed around your goals, needs and limitations. We are equipped with top of the line Balanced Body Pilates Apparatuses which include the Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair,  Spring Board, and the OVV.

To schedule your first private session, contact us directly.


“ In a little less than five months of doing Pilates, the constant nagging back pain I endured for a decade as is gone. I have noticed a significant improvement in my flexibility and abdominal strength.  My muscular stamina is also greatly improved, I feel better, and activities that would have sent my back into spasm and required days or even weeks to overcome are no longer an issue. My body rebounds quicker from life’s aches and pains. My back and its limitations are no longer a headline in my life.

All of this has been made possible through the pilates training I have received from Nellie Brook. Nellie ranks as one of the best instructors I have ever had, regardless of discipline, and I would strongly urge anyone with chronic muscular back pain to contact Nellie and learn how pilates can become a life-changer. “

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